Thanks Food Angel for its efforts in recycling ingredients and creating nutritious meals over a decade, which are distributed free of charge to individuals in the community who require food assistance.

✨Recently, we formed a team of 20 volunteers to prepare the meal boxes in Food Angel’s Shamshuipo Kitchen. Since most of our colleagues have limited cooking experience, chopping vegetables seemed a bit chaotic, and time was tight – every moment counted.

With the spirit of helping others, our team helped to prepare nearly 2,000 meal boxes within 2 hours! Although everyone was exhausted in the end, the satisfaction of being able to help those in need in society was truly comforting.

Once again, we express our gratitude to ‘Food Angel’ for giving us the opportunity to serve the community. We also appreciate all the colleagues who participated in this volunteer activity! We will continue our enthusiastic commitment to giving back to society, and hope you can join us on this journey together!🥰

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